Medcaptain Leads the Way to a New Era of Infusion!

If a child is fearful and anxious for an MRI examination, how do we keep the child intravenously sedated? If surgery is required in an operational theater with combined MRI technology, how is the anesthetic drug delivered and maintained?How is continuous intravenous treatment maintained for critically ill patients during an MRI examination?What will happen if normal infusion pumps are placed in an MRI environment?Is there a possibility to monitor and change infusion parameters remotely?

Recently and after a lot of anticipation, the world’s first delivery of Medcaptain’s latest products in the field of infusion management – the HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation and MS-100 Infusion Workstation was realized at the Global Debut Delivery Ceremony. The delivery ceremony marks the official entry of these two infusion products into the international market and will bring a breath of fresh air into the global infusion management field.

Some staff representatives from Medcaptain’s R & D department, marketing department, production and supply-chain department, as well as customer representatives have witnessed the global debut of Medcaptain’s state-of-the-art infusion solutions.

Accumulated efforts & continuous innovation

Behind continuous innovation lie the countless efforts of Medcaptain’s R & D personnel.

At the ceremony, the HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation the R&D project manager conveyed: “With the continuous advancement of medicine, safe, uninterrupted, and accurate infusion during MRI procedures is becoming more and more medically necessary. ” In order to meet the challenges of treating specific groups of patients during MRI procedures, such as infants and young children, emergency patients, patients with nervous system injury, etc., as well as the challenges of cardiovascular MRI diagnosis, surgical treatment in the MRI environment and using MRI during an emergency treatment, Medcaptain persisted in its pursue of innovation, cooperated with Southern Medical University, and developed a number of patented technologies which effectively solve a series of technical issues regarding administering continuous infusion in MRI environments. Thereby, Medcaptain was able to fill the gap that existed in the domestic MRI infusion workstation market.

As our expert partner, Professor Feng from the School of Biomedical Engineering, Southern Medical University, mentioned, the MRI-compatible HP-80 infusion device must overcome two major issues. On one hand, MRI scanners emit strong electromagnetic waves and on the other hand, infusion pumps contain electronic and mechanical components. These can interfere with each other and cause functional disturbances such as pump damage or artefacts on MRI images. Creating a technology which can overcome this two-way interference was Medcaptain’s main focus in the product development process.

After overcoming these technical issues, the HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation was able to work in a high-field MRI environment with magnetic field strength of 1.5T and 3.0T. Thereupon, the HP-80 MRI Infusion Workstation has become Medcaptain’s most innovative, state-of-the-art solution since the launching of the MP-80 and HP-80 infusion workstations and a leading technology for safe infusion administration in MRI environments.

Solving problems, real-time monitoring & risk reduction

Each new product is developed in order to fulfil company’s mission – “Be closer to healthcare needs, develop innovative medical technologies, provide high-quality service”.

In the context of the current novel coronavirus pandemic, obtaining accurate infusion information of the patients in isolation wards in a timely manner, ensuring the safety of the infusion therapy and reducing the risk of cross infection in the hospitals are all issues of major importance. At the debut ceremony, the project manager of MS-100 Infusion Workstation said: “Medcaptain’s MS-100 Infusion Workstation is the latest solution in the infusion management field that we provide to our customers. It monitors infusion information continuously and in real-time. The information is displayed on a large high-definition monitor, which is especially suitable for use in the ICU, radiology department and isolation ward.”

Developed under the professional guidance of the world’s leading anaesthesiologists, Medcaptain’s newest solution now enables medical staff to remotely adjust infusion settings, monitor infusion status and analyse infusion data from outside the isolation ward by using MS-100 independent monitoring & operating system. Using this solution, medical staff can meet infusion needs of patients who are undergoing MRI examinations and overcome challenges which previously existed in this field.

As Prof. Ernesto from The university of La Sabana, Chia   mentioned, we are going to administer infusion drugs that normally to change the concentrations, we must enter and go directly to the pump. But, from a remote control that is probably located outside the Farady chamber, that allows us to have immediate access to the drugs that are being infused into the patient, which are total intravenous anesthesia drugs or vasopressor infusion drugs in patients rhythmic.

As Prof.  Markovic from Clinic for Cardiac surgery and Clinical center of Serbia mentioned, this device we can use in the ICU, in isolation room, we can also use in MRI or CT scan labs where we need procedural sedation . This device we can use in patients with infectious diseases at this moment in patients with COVID-19 disease  , and I think that this device can protect our medical staff from aerosol exposure of the coronavirus.

Focusing on infusion management in MRI environments, the development of these two products, from manufacturing and software debugging to quality inspection and packaging, etc., reflects a high degree of enthusiasm and hope that these products will offer the most complete solution in this specific infusion field. The customer representative who also delivered a speech at the ceremony, said, “It has been an immense pleasure working with Medcaptain. We highly appreciate their innovative technologies. I believe that this solution will help improve clinical efficiency and solve some major issues in the field of infusion. “

We firmly believe that after this first delivery, a series of Medcaptains’s latest infusion products will ensure a safer and more convenient clinical experience and provide new ideas and solutions in a global fight against the pandemic.