New cooperation between Medcaptain, TIM and Pall

Starting January 1st 2018, Medcaptain Europe B.V on behalf of  Medcaptain Medical Technology Co. Ltd has signed a strategic cooperation with Technologie Institut Medizin GmbH (TIM) in Germany to take over the lead in the MIRUS project in its worldwide exclusive distribution.

MIRUS is the first and only fully automatic controlled anesthetic gas delivery system in the market that holds a formal registration for use in both the operating room and in the intensive care department. The MIRUS offers to the customer not only all the benefits from volatile anesthetic but thanks to its unique features gives extra safety in the measurement, control and application of the volatile anesthetics, besides offering other advantages like flexibility, high connectivity, easy fitting into the breathing system, substantial savings, etc.

MIRUS systems have been distributed in the European market for more than 4 years, showing to the customers all the advantages to have an controlled volatile anesthetic delivery in both the OR and the ICU departments.

Backed by many years of research experience earned by TIM in the development and improvement of the MIRUS, Medcaptain hopes to reach more patients to receive all the benefits associated with volatile anesthetic sedation, while at the same time increasing the range of solutions for different medical market needs.